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CHARACTER NAME: Terra (birth name: Tara Markov; she doesn't answer to this)
CHARACTER SERIES: Teen Titans (animated series)


Backtagging: Good as gold.
Threadhopping: Aces.
Fourthwalling: No thank you.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): None.


Hugging this character: Sure.
Kissing this character: ...if she likes you, she'll be a blushing, flailing mess. If she doesn't, prepare to eat dirt.
Flirting with this character: While she might not understand the intent if somebody's too subtle, be my guest.
Fighting with this character: If you want to fight an unstable girl with the ability to hurl rocks your way, you're more than welcome to stick up your dukes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): You have my full permission to rough her up as badly as the scene calls for.
Killing this character: Ask me first, I'll probably give you the thumbs up.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character:

Warnings: Nothing dire at the moment. Please note that Terra has not had the best in life, however she tries to hide it, so there will be mentions of her life on the road as minor and of her self-esteem issues with regards to her powers, including the guilt that comes with not being able to control them and possibly having hurt people in the past.

Notes: I cannot find any concrete evidence for Terra's age in the Teen Titans cartoon, so I'm going with the very scientific gauge known as "my gut" and saying she's probably around the same age as Beast Boy. This makes her a younger member of the team, possibly around 14-15ish.

Basically, she is underage. I do ship and smut with her, though I will never try to do so with a player that is uncomfortable with characters under the age of 18.

Ship Preferences: F/M and F/F are both fine with me. I prefer het for Terra and do assume she's straight, as much as someone so young and inexperienced with life can be solid in their sexuality, with the potential to have emotional attachments to other women if there's proper chemistry. As far as ships are concerned, I do not ship her romantically with any other canonmate aside from the on-screen relationship shown with Beast Boy. Preference is given to crosscanon ships; exploring unexpected avenues is my rp bread and butter.

I am open to shippy/smutty shenanigans with members of the extended Titans family (Speedy, Aqualad, etc.). Still, under no circumstances will I ship/smut with a TT!Robin, Red X, or Slade. Sorry.

DCAU, DCEU, and DC comics folks are loved. If you prefer a live action face to attach to the characters you're playing against, I do have a PB idea for Terra - Georgina Haig. Seriously, schoolgirl Terra, anyone? She's perfect.

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